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Proposed Solution

With the latest version of DokuWiki, it is possible to address all Navigation Issues. We will describe the proposed solution one point at the time. Note that all points can be independently enabled and used.

DokuWiki now has support to use the first heading of a page automatically in links, instead of the internal wiki name. To enable this feature, you have to set configuration variable conf['useheading']. You can find out all the details about this feature here.

Highlighting the current location

DokuWiki now has support to highlight a link to the current page. In the generated xhtml, such links are embedded in a span element that specifies a curid class. So, you can define highlighting by defining the class in the template stylesheet. For example, this is the code used by this site:

/* ---- Current ID highlighting ---- */
.curid {
  font-weight: bold;

This feature is not yet documented on the DokuWiki site.

Add it in lib/tpl/<tpl_dir>/layout.css.

DokuWiki supports templates. Thanks to this new feature, it is possible to deploy a site with sidebar without touching any core code. Only two things need to be done to set up a sidebar template:

  1. install a Better Navigation template directory in the tpl directory
  2. enable the Better Navigation template by setting the $conf['template'] configuration variable.

This site uses the Better Navigation template that I am developing. If you are interested in installing and using this template, please read about the Download & Installation.

Site ID position

In the Better Navigation template, I also changed the stylesheet so that the Site ID appears on the top left (where most visitors will expect it). Accordingly, I moved the (unconventional) backlink button to the right.

As I really think this is how it should be, I didn't even bother to make this configurable :-).

A tagline

In the Better Navigation template, I also added support for a tagline. The value of $conf['tagline'] will be displayed right next to the Site ID.

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