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NOTICE: This project has been discontinued

1) download the template code

The template code releases can be downloaded below. This code is released under the GPL License.

Latest release:

sidebar-2012-12-18.tar.gz Compatible with dokuwiki-2012-01-25 “Adora Belle”

Older releases for reference:

  • sidebar-2006-03-11.tar.gz: Compatible with dokuwiki release 2006-03-09. The new style.ini file is used properly to load sidebar.css always, and to define color replacements. On user action show, class div.page_with_sidebar is used instead of to accomodate the sidebar.
  • sidebar-2006-03-10.tar.gz: Quick workaround release to make it work with dokuwiki release 2006-03-09. It works, but it's not yet satisfactory. The default template structure has changed significantly, and in ways that seem to conflict with my sidebar template approach. In particular, the sidebar template loads a stylesheet dynamically, based on user action. This is because it redefines some of the default css classes. However, the default template seems to require to define the stylesheets upfront (based on media). As a consequence, I can't use the symbolic color definitions in the new style.ini file in the sidebar stylesheet.
  • sidebar-2005-09-25.tar.gz: Up-to-date with dokuwiki release 2005-09-22. Added a width spec on the pre class, to make IE behave as desired with overflowing code blocks. Some additional cosmetic style sheet changes.
  • sidebar-2005-07-22.tar.gz: Introduce separate sidebar.css stylesheet for stylesheet styles, so that design.css can remain the default version. The sidebar stylesheet is only loaded when the sidebar is actually shown, which means that in other modes, the default styles apply. For example, in edit mode, the edit area has now maximum width as in the default template. (Suggestion by Wolfgang Reszel.) Warning: you need a dokuwiki development version more recent than 2005-07-16 for this release.
  • sidebar-2005-07-04.tar.gz Compatible with dokuwiki release 2005-07-01. (This dokuwiki release makes important changes to the directory structure and the cache file location.)
  • sidebar-2005-06-02.tar.gz The local sidebar files are now virtual, that is, the plain text versions are not actually created. The corresponding files are only present in the xhtml cache. This is more logical and solves some problems with the previous implementation. Also, a bug with respect to the default sidebar (the index) was solved.
  • sidebar-2005-05-13.tar.gz The sidebar is now only shown when a page is viewed (that is, not during edit, diff, search etc.). Previously, simply searching for an unknown file caused a local sidebar file to be created unnecessarily for that file.

2) installing the template

Put the sidebar template directory in the lib/tpl directory alongside the default template. Then, add the following to your conf/local.php file:

$conf['template']    = 'sidebar';  

If you want a tagline, you can define it as follows:

$conf['tagline']    = 'Your own tagline';  

3) defining sidebar content

The content of the sidebar is defined in a page called sidebar. You can use a sidebar page per namespace. You have to define the page in a normal wiki way if it doesn't exist yet. (Hint: in DokuWiki, simply searching for the page makes it easy to create it.) The template searches for the sidebar page first in the current namespace, and then higher on if none was found. If no sidebar page is found, the index is displayed by default.

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