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I was attracted to DokuWiki because of a number of features, such as its light-weight design without database, and section editing. Most importantly however, I liked the way it looked! Interestingly, this has more to do with the default stylesheet than with its actual features - but I suspect many (potential) users will have a similar experience.

Around the same time when I discovered DokuWiki, I read a book by Steve Krug, called Don't make me think, subtitled “A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability”. Its main message is that the perspective of a web site user is completely different from the one of its designer. If you want your site to be used, usage should be obvious. Steve describes techniques on how to do that. All quite obvious really - with hindsight.

I noticed that out-of-the-box DokuWiki was an interesting example of the absence of some of Steve's design principles. While browsing DokuWiki sites, I constantly had the feeling to be “lost”. There was no proper navigation.

For a detailed analysis, read about the Navigation Issues. Afterwards, check out my Proposed Solution.

For those who want more

I am getting feedback from several people who like my solution. Good! I welcome any feedback, including about issues and bugs.

However, not unexpectedly, people also ask for more features. To avoid disappointment, here is some more information on my involvement. I want to use dokuwiki as a tool for my websites. So I have addressed the issues that were most urgent for me. Consequently, it is likely that my dokuwiki development time will substantially decline.

Therefore, if you need more features, I suggest you subscribe to the dokuwiki mailing list. All the best dokuwiki developers and users are actively using it to steer development (and yours truly follows it also).

In short, if you like what you see but need more, your best bet is to post your issues to the mailing list. Start by telling how great my template and solution is :-) This will spur a discussion that may catch the attention of some very capable developers. Note that the sidebar work (from me and others) is currently not yet in the “mainstream” dokuwiki development flow. However, with the help from people like yourself we may get it there, and then feature requests may get addressed very rapidly.

Jan Decaluwe 2005/07/04 22:35

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