Consultancy ServicesΒΆ

I am an consultant with a strong interest in electronic design, methodology, electronic design automation (EDA), and EDA tool development. Here is an overview of my services:

Technical and business consultancy to start-up companies
My enterpreneurial expertise is available to start-up companies in the domains of electronic design and EDA. For these activities I often cooperate with SO Kwadraat, which is an organization dedicated to the creation of start-ups in Flanders.
MyHDL-based ASIC and FPGA design
I am available for contract work on MyHDL-based ASIC and FPGA designs. You can find out more about MyHDL here. As I am the creator of MyHDL and as I have many years of experience in digital design, you will get the best possible service.
Commercial support for MyHDL
I offer commercial support for the open-source MyHDL project.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further info!